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I had clutch problems in my 2015 VW GTI. I took in to Dean and he quickly diagnosed the problem as a hydraulic fluid leak in the clutch master cylinder. After this was repaired, and the clutch adjusted, all was well. So happy I found these guys. Affordable, professional, and friendly.

Anne Murray

My wife’s 2001 PT Cruiser is still in mint shape, and only has 71,000 miles, but these are all city miles. Had read where a transmission flush can improve performance and extend the life of the drive-train. Signed up for a flush, and by the end of the day had the car back. Smooooth! Great job and a good price.

Steve Owen

I have a 2011 BMW 335I X-Drive that I noticed just seemed not to be shifting as smooth as usual. I called about their Transmission Maintenance special,, and I was booked for the next morning. At the end of the day my car was ready, and the shifting had definitely improved. One day service and a good price. Very happy with their service. I gave them 5 stars on Google. 🙂

Mike M.

Very impressed with the transmission rebuild they did on my 1990 Ford Crown Vic LTD. Very professional staff and Dean there explained everything that will be done in great detail. Lots of knowledge and friendliness. My car is running absolutely amazing since I’ve had my transmission rebuilt by them. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs their transmission serviced or rebuilt to have it done here. Five Star Service!

Evan Manley

They did fantastic work and rebuilt my transmission and some other odds n ends. It took longer than expected but in his defense I was warned that there were quite a few cars ahead of me. Great warranty and service. Five Stars I’d highly recommend to anyone.

Andrew Epstein
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