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Differential Repair Services We Offer

What is a Differential?

If you’ve never heard of a differential before, don’t worry- you’re not alone! Your car’s differential is a small gearbox located between the drive wheels. If your car has front-wheel drive, you can find the differential between the two front wheels, and it is between the two rear wheels on a rear-wheel drive vehicle. A four-wheel drive car or truck typically has two differentials- one in the front and one in the rear.

What Does a Differential Do?

The differential delivers power from the car’s engine to the axle that turns your wheels, making it drive. Your transmission works with the differential, making it an essential part of your drivetrain. If your vehicle’s differential isn’t working properly, you will experience significant problems, including steering issues, grinding differential gears, and even a possible failure of your drive wheels. It is important to keep your differential in good health and have it serviced regularly.

How A Automotive Differential Works

What Does Differential Service Entail?

For differential auto repair, your differential should be well lubricated with fluid inside that transfers heat away from the gears. Wear and operating temperatures can cause this fluid to break down over time, leading to increased friction and heat, which can result in grinding differential gears. The best way to deal with this is to have your differential fluid replaced at recommended intervals. Having your car’s differential serviced regularly by experienced, certified technicians is the best way to keep the differential running smoothly, so you can avoid costly, time-consuming repairs. The pros at Preferred Transmissions Plus can quickly and efficiently perform service and fluid checks on your car’s differential so you can rest easy!

Preferred Transmissions Plus of Oregon, OH is the transmission repair center you can trust for your differential service needs! We are conveniently located in Oregon, and pride ourselves on giving each customer a world-class service experience. Call Preferred Transmissions Plus today to schedule your differential service appointment.

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