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4×4 Transfer Case Repair Service

If you’re in need of a transfer case repair for your 4-wheel-drive vehicle, Preferred Transmissions Plus has you covered. We are Northwest Ohio’s premier transmission specialists, and can assist you with replacing the case in virtually any make or model of vehicle you own. For knowledgeable staff, reputable and trustworthy repair work, and customer service you can count on, call Preferred Transmissions Plus. We are the only name you need to know for Oregon auto repair.

What is a Transfer Case?

In four-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, or other multiple-axle vehicles, the transfer case is a vital component of the drivetrain. The transfer case is responsible for transferring power from your transmission to the front and rear axles. This makes it possible for all four wheels to operate in your 4×4. This is done through drive shafts, which are parts that connect the transfer case to other components of the drivetrain. Without the transfer case and drive shafts, your transmission would not be able to transmit torque and rotation effectively, making driving impossible.

How do I Know if I Need a New Transfer Case?

If your four-wheel drive vehicle is making grinding noises which sound like they are coming from the undercarriage, or if you are experiencing difficulty shifting gears or if you are having a hard time staying in four-wheel-drive, you may need a transfer case replacement. Only a specialist can know for sure- if your vehicle is acting out of the ordinary, bring it to Preferred Transmissions Plus without delay. Our experts can quickly diagnose any issue, provide you with an estimate for replacement, and perform the necessary work to get your new transfer case installed properly, adding years of life to your four-wheel-drive vehicle.

How A Transfer Case Works

Preferred Transmissions Plus of Oregon, Ohio can quickly take care of a transfer case repair in your four-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive or multiple-axle vehicle. Our priority is to get you back on the road in no time! Let the experienced transmission specialists at Preferred Transmissions Plus fix or replace your transfer case so you can get back to your life. Our certified technicians know transmissions better than anyone- we make it our business to know how to properly diagnose and repair just about every transmission issue there is. What’s more, we get the job done right the first time, guaranteed!

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